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Project 7 – Bodies Materialized in Space

Extend the human arm by creating a sustainable shopping bag that changes the way we view shopping.


When I was walking home past the grocery store, I noticed a swarm of people carrying paper bags full of groceries. They all carried them in a similar fashion; arms straight down, holding firmly onto a paper bag in each hand. I started wondering why many people hadn’t opted to use a reusable tote bag instead. Why is there a stigma around shopping bags that there isn’t around every other bag? Designers have developed bags for every occasion: hiking, school, work, laundry, and travel, yet shopping bags have remained ugly and disposable. My main goal for this project is to develop a way to shift peoples ideas of a shopping bag so that it becomes an object that is cherished, reused, and thought of as an extension of their image. I want to create a fashionable but practical shopping bag that is an extension of someone’s wardrobe and also an extension of the human arm.

For the 3D component, I want to develop a collection of shopping bags that are sustainable, fashionable, and practical. I think that by creating three versions of a bag will allow me to explore different options and ideas. For the 2D component, I am thinking about doing fully realized fashion renderings and some sort of visual research board.

– Patterning & Mock up –

– Process –

– Final –

I plan on having a more dynamic and interesting photoshoot with the bags once I am back in New York.

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