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Photoshop Collage Exercise and Final

Surrealist Collage:

– Starting Images –


– Final –

– Second Iteration –

Collage #1

– Starting Images –

– Final Product –


Collage #2

– Starting Images –

– Draft 1 –


Collage #3

– Starting Images –

– Draft 1 –

I knew that I wanted to continue to manipulate this image after I printed it, so I kept this first draft relatively simple and clean.

– Draft #2: Analog collage –

I wanted to explore the symbiotic relationship between my home life and the outside world. I included textures and motifs that are associated with the two sides.

– Draft #3 –


– Final Draft: Analog Collage –

This diptych compares and contrasts the two sides of my personality and my struggle with perception.

Collage #4

Using tear sheets from a National Geographic magazine, I created a landscape type background that I then manipulated further in photoshop.


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