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Final Paper – Topic Proposals

Options in no particular order

Option 1:

This is a photo of my Mom and her parents in 1965.

Date: 1965

Featuring (from left to right): Grandfather (Joe Naranjo), Mom (Camille Fernandez, Grandmother (Sarah Quismondo)

Place: Sacramento California

I love the candidness of this photo and how they are all not looking at the camera. This picture truly captures the time period and moments. Even though the clothes are not the focus, the hair and styling are very indicative of the time.

This does not reflect my personal style but I do have an emotional connection to the photo.


Option 2:

Date: Circa 1960

Designer: André Courrèges

Featuring: André Courrèges and model (unknown)

This image is very inspiring to me and does reflect my own design style and aspirations. The dramatic shapes and clean lines are something I wish to incorporate into my own designs.


Option 3:

Photographer: Gordon Parks

Date: 1952

Featuring: Unknown models

Photographer Gordon Parks captured high-end fantastical fashion but also the harsh realities of the 1950’s. Time states, “His fashion photography captured the beauty and opulence of the 1940s and ’50s elite with carefully orchestrated framing and composition. On the other hand, Parks was renowned for his stirring images of poverty and racial discrimination, which were inescapable aspects of the time period. Parks’ ability to seamlessly transition from the slums of Chicago’s South Side to the sets of French fashion shoots not only demonstrated his wide-ranging scope of talent, but also his knack for coercing even the most private subjects to pose in front of his lens.”

This duality is extremely interesting to me and I would like the continue my research into his life and the photos he captured.


Option 4:



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