7.12 MoMA Visit

Louise Lawler

My favorite example of juxtaposition from the Lawler exhibit was this print entitled Red Face, White Flowers. What makes this most interesting to me is the obvious, visible contrast between the clear, cool white on the flowers in the foreground and the intense dark red in the background. However, the two are also symbolically opposite in meaning, as the flowers signify a calm and pleasant mood while the face conveys an angry mood. This piece inspires me to include more direct contrasts, even contradictions, in one piece in order to point out the difference between them.

Robert Rauschenberg

The unexpected contrast between the urban themes (depicted with street signs, fences, the Statue of Liberty, and a building) and nature (the four birds in the top left corner) creates an interesting juxtaposition in Overdrive by Robert Rauschenberg. The birds shown are not the typical urban pigeons one might expect to see; instead, they resemble more a page from a nature book. I like about this piece that it almost feels hastily or sloppily assembled (although I know it is not), but manages to convey a message and look unified nonetheless. Even further, the “public shelter” sign gives a certain eerie feeling that directly contrasts with the proud and prominent feeling portrayed by the Statue of Liberty.

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