7.18 Center for Book Art Response

Favorite Item

This piece, addressing gun-control legislation, is impressive in its sheer size. It’s a list of accounts of gun-related deaths and injuries. Four volumes have been created so far but eventually the project will have 52. It’s a great visual representation of the volume of problems created by gun violence and the blood (cow’s blood, according to the caption) adds to the message and the gruesome nature of the topic.

Surprising Item

This untitled work, by Pierre Leichner, consists of a phonebook whose pages have been cut to form a hole through the book. It’s surprising to me because if it were closed, it would appear to be a normal phonebook – like those trick books with pages removed that people hide things in! The amount of work and planning it must have taken to cut each page (assuming they were not cut all at once, I’m not sure how they could do that) is incredible. It’s also great to see how Leichner has taken as mundane an object as a phonebook and turned it into an intricate work of art.

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