7.18 Poster Project Planning

Mission Statement

To encourage viewers of the poster to properly dispose of and/or recycle their waste rather than littering. Litter impacts both humans and other organisms. It damages public spaces and makes them less enjoyable for the general public. However, it also can make its way (via storm drains or wind) into natural ecosystems, where it has far-reaching and devastating effects.

Design/Style Inspirations

NO WAR, designed by M. VAN S. PHOTOGRAPHY, 1980

NO WAR, designed by M. VAN S. PHOTOGRAPHY, 1980 Why Inspiring: I love this poster’s simplicity. Because it is so simple, it’s clear and easy to read and it gets its message across easily. The contrast between the white and black grabs the viewer’s attention. The black-on-white NO highlights the word the same way that the yellow rectangle around the LEFT in LEFT EXIT #XX on a highway exit draws drivers’ attention to it.

LIGHT/YEARS, designed by Michael Bierut, 1999 Why Inspiring: Like NO WAR, I’m attracted to the style of this poster because of its simplicity and its sense of nothing more than absolutely necessary. The effect of overlapping letters becoming lighter is visually interesting but also evokes a light shining through the white letters.

FOOD IS A WEAPON, designed by THE OFFICE OF WAR INFORMATION, 1943 Why Inspiring: This is very different from the two prior modern, simple, and clean posters. What I like about this poster’s design is the headline: “Food is a weapon,” which by itself does not necessarily make sense to the reader (unless you know the context) until you read on. In that way, it invites the viewer to read on rather than just moving on to the next thing.

Topic Inspirations

KILL OR RECYCLE? https://emmawoodward23.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/environmental-posters/ This poster, like FOOD IS A WEAPON, uses a shocking headline (with a shocking image to go along with it) to grab the viewer’s attention. It forces the viewer to reconsider their choices by worsening the presentation of the alternative. I like that it is surprising and attention-grabbing.

GO GREEN OR GO HOME https://www.canva.com/templates/posters/MACOh2Ortxs-green-illustrated-leaves-nature-environmental-protection-poster/ Once again, this poster’s bold, interesting headline grabs the viewer’s attention. The color scheme is pleasant but has enough contrast that it is easy to read and easy to see. The headline’s play on a well-known phrase also helps the reader get interested.

LEAVE NO TRACE https://www.canva.com/templates/posters/MACPXXkm4pQ-beige-mountains-environmental-awareness-poster/ I like the way this poster combines bold, easy-to-read text with a subtle, pleasant image. It emphasizes the idea that people should preserve the pristine landscape and that their actions could change the picture.






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