7.23 Cooper Hewitt Visit

Abstract Pattern

Coverlet, “Electric” Pattern (1930)

Designed by Ruth Reeves

This pattern uses geometric shapes rather than specific images in similar, repeating colors.

Image Pattern

Textile, Grand Feuillage (ca. 1920)

Designed by Raoul Dufy

This pattern uses repeating images of leaves (possibly palm trees) and vegetation. They are stylized, but still recognizable as leaves.

Culture/Time Period Pattern

Carpet (1929)

Designed by Edward McKnight Kauffer

The geometric, right-angled shapes represented on this carpet are heavily inspired by art deco style. The color scheme also evokes that time period. It seems to be in mainly the same style as other art deco examples such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater or the 1936 cartoon Page Miss Glory. All three of these examples use the same type of rectangles at right angles in abstract designs.

Object with Pattern

“Jazz” Punch Bowl (1931)

Designed by Viktor Schreckengost

This punch bowl, designed to be used at parties, uses a pattern with music-related images on it (the word “jazz”, instruments, and wavy lines likely representing sound coming from the musicians) with a dark blue color scheme. The jazz-inspired design on this bowl ties it in with the rest of the party, where jazz music was likely played. It adds visual interest to the piece as well.

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