Artist’s Statement

Yuzhou Zhang

Ford, Sarah

ESL 1750

September 5, 2018

I am interested in a lot of fields of art, not just one. I have tried doing many kinds of them. I think it is a good experience when I am doing communication design, or graphic design because it provides me a lot of chances to explore things. I need to learn digital arts, adobe software; I need to learn photography, adding the photos I took to my background of the digital artworks; I need to learn illustration, decorating the posters and advertisements or designing logos; I actually do have the chance to learn oil painting, acrylic colors and watercolors if I am doing that. That’s the reason why I do communication design, or graphic design. I am willing to use multiple materials and inter-disciplinary study, and try different new things to visualize and finalize my artwork and project when an idea pops out.


Let’s say when I have a project need to do, first thing I will do in my brain, is imaging and brainstorming. It is instant and spontaneous, very dramatic and exaggerated to some certain degrees. Sometimes I used to do brainstorming on sketchbook, later researching, then sketching. I have already had some images of what does the final artwork look like at this moment, therefore I do not usually takes a long time deciding the materials and techniques to do the works. However, the theme, or the topic will cost me more time. I tend to choose the theme that more relates to myself or the one I am more interested in. For example, Do you dare to express love, is a project I did before. It is about love and sex. I was confused of the theme of whether choosing the positive one which encourages people to love each other no matter how other may judge on you, or the negative one that emphasizing sexual molestation recently raising up. I finally decided to choose the first one because I want to say something, I just want to encourage the people who not dare to express love to others, it may be affected by traditional taboos or the society you are in with family or friends around you…


As I just said above, it could be two opposite ideas about a work. For the theme and the materials I choose at the first time, I will do something different next time if it is similar to the project. I will use the material of which the favorite of me or the one better connects to the concept. Even though I choose the same theme, I will definitely make it more mature and choose the better way to display. I need to think about it because making it better is a big challenge.



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