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3 observations:

I remember my first erections. I thought I had some terrible diseases or something.

He does write down every single piece of his memory. No matter if it is the positive one, bad one, embarrassing one, intimate one, etc. This one is obviously awkward, I felt my face blushing when I am reading it. However, it is real, giving me a sense of comfort somehow. Even adults are always embarrassed and overwhelmed for the first time, let alone sex and love, which are the one of the most complex things in the world. I totally understand that. It also actually makes me laugh at last.


I remember how good a glass of water can taste after a dish of ice cream.

I very much love this paragraph. It reminds me of the vivid taste when I am drinking a glass of water that contains a bit of sweet and also the circumstance that even moving back and forth when I am reading it. More importantly, it reminds me of summer. Summer to me is swimming pool, everything is blue, ice cream, amusement park, travelling, which provides happiness.


I remember when I thought that if you did anything bad, policemen would put you in jail.

This memory is funny to me. I actually laugh a while. When I was little, my parents and teachers also taught me that. Although I did not do anything bad, I was still scared every time a policeman passing by on my way home.


The first draft of my memoir:

I remember the smell swimming in the swimming pool and I remember the day I chocked water in the swimming pool.


I remember I played sand and later built sand castles with my brothers in beach in a summer.


I remember the first time I tried tasting beer of my father and then a exaggerated emotion on my face.


I remember the feeling when I found myself falling in love with Harry.


I remember the first time my boyfriend suddenly came to my room and kissed me.


I remember the feeling that is warm and comfortable when I hug my boyfriend. I think I am the happiest person in the world at that time.


I remember the day playing in an amusement park with my boyfriend. We laughed over and over and also quarreled over and over. I was not sure if that day was happy or not.


I remember every time my twin sisters and I hang out in the Coastal City, we laugh again, again and again. We laugh silly. Sometimes even scare people on the street.


I remember the first time I came to Parsons last year. It was for an activity meeting with an illustration professor and several his students. I first amazed by the buildings of the school. To be honest, the school is absolutely cool and beautiful! Later I amazed by the works of those illustration design students.


I remember what I looked like I made up for the first time. I have never learned how to do that but I just made it. I believed it was not bad. I was quite happy in that evening.

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