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Yuzhou Zhang

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September 10, 2018


The way the two courses explore the concept of memories: I did the 50 memories writing down in the first week studio class, found the relationship of each one, assigned them into groups based on the certain relationship, and chose the one which expresses the most of what I want to express or the one gives me more relax and comfort. The topic of the group I chose is which makes me feel pleased and happy. I had five: the feeling of swimming in the swimming pool, the first kiss with my boyfriend, an experience of visiting an art exhibition with my boyfriend, the taste comes up in my mind of drinking milk tea and finally the time I spent with my brothers playing sand castle in beach in a summer. Also, I had a reading and discussion on Scott Berkun, How to Give and Receive Criticism.In seminar classes, I read Joe Brainard, I remember, had a discussion on it, and learned the way how Joe wrote his memories, I wrote the memoir of myself followed that way. It is interesting and simple, to write down memories; and very detailed and real to be trusted by readers. Watched the video about Joe Brainard himself with his own voices repeating the sentences, I remember…, I remember…, brought the food that ate in childhood and not for now, my food is nuts, particularly macadamia. I shared my story of it: I once ate a lot of macadamia in the evening and got vomiting later, I afterwards get sick when I ever think of it. And read letters from Sol Le Witt…


The common areas of the two courses: The two courses both teach me the way torecall my own memory in the past, collect my own memories to be a list, and reconnect each of my own memories to the present.


I feel comfortable, lucky, happy, pleased and sweet when I am recalling them and writing them on paper. Sometimes I even barely forget those memories seem important to me but during the two courses, I remember them again. I feel like I am super lucky to be who I am now because of those memories, the thing I learn and know from the two-week-courses are, I have a successful family, I have siblings who love me, and a boyfriend whom I am willing to live with.


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