Bridge One

Excerption of Memoir:

I remember the smell swimming in the swimming pool and I remember the day I chocked water in the swimming pool.

I remember I played sand and later built sand castles with my brothers in beach in a summer.

I remember the first time I tried tasting beer of my father and then an exaggerated emotion on my face.

I remember the feeling that is warm and comfortable when I hug my boyfriend. I think I am the happiest person in the world at that time.

I remember the day playing in an amusement park with my boyfriend. We laughed over and over and also quarreled over and over. I was not sure if that day was happy or not.

I remember every time my twin sisters and I hang out in the Coastal City, we laugh again, again and again. We laugh silly. Sometimes even scare people on the street.

I remember the first time I came to Parsons last year. It was for an activity meeting with an illustration professor and several his students. I first amazed by the buildings of the school. To be honest, the school is absolutely cool and beautiful! Later I amazed by the works of those illustration design students.

I remember what I looked like I made up for the first time. I have never learned how to do but I just made it. I believed it was not bad. I was quite happy in that evening.

I remember one time I bumped into an art teacher who was very strict and angry when walking in the corridor and I got extremely embarrassed and regretful.

I remember watching the movie Call me by your name at home in my sofa. When you least expect it, nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot. Just…remember I am here. Right now, you may not want to feel anything. Maybe you never wanted to feel anything. And… maybe it is not me you want to speak about these things but feel something you obviously did. I was really into these sentences, weeping when Elio’s father speaking to his son. I believed the feeling that I was the exactly person he was talking about to his son.

I remember glimpsing the clothes hanger with a black coat hanging on and I had an illusion of a black man standing there.

Sketches from studio:

Short reflection:

In seminar classes, I read Joe Brainard, I remember, had a discussion on it, and learned the way how Joe wrote his memories, I wrote the memoir of myself followed that way. It is interesting and simple, to write down memories; and very detailed and real to be trusted by readers. Watched the video about Joe Brainard himself with his own voices repeating the sentences, I remember…, I remember…, brought the food that ate in childhood and not for now, my food is nuts, particularly macadamia. I shared my story of it: I once ate a lot of macadamia in the evening and got vomiting later, I afterwards get sick when I ever think of it. And read letters written by  Sol Le Witt, how he was doing as the avatar of being a friend with Eva.

The class teaches me the way to recall my own memory in the past, collect my own memories to be a list, and reconnect each of my own memories to the present.

I feel comfortable, lucky, happy, pleased and sweet when I am recalling them and writing them on paper. Sometimes I even barely forget those memories seem important to me but during the assignments in and after class, I remember them again. I feel like I am super lucky to be who I am now because of those memories, the thing what I learn and know are, I have a successful family, I have siblings who love me, and a boyfriend whom I am willing to live with.

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