Drawing/Imaging: Places+Things:Monument Proposal

Yuzhou Zhang


Klos, Joshua

Oct 5, 2018


Dread Scott


The artist photographed the picture of the Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans. Dread Scott used photoshop and illustrator to cut the original column out of the position and make the street impassable by shattered and broken ruin because it disrupts people walking around and commerce, having a meaning that racism still exists in nowadays society and giving negative influence on people.


Ekene Ijeoma


The artist photographed the picture of the Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans. Ekene Ijeoma used photoshop and illustrator to design the parts of the column, add colors, shapes like stairs and people standing in the glass sky room, on ground and stairs. To make the history of African American in the past shared with people and confront with people. Allowing people to think about it again in the available space. It makes the monument alive.


Nicole Awai


The artist photographed the image of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch that stands at Grand Army Plaza at the main entrance to Prospect Park. Nicole Awai used the idea of collage to create the African-American man figure or used photoshop to do the three-dimensional work. The artist makes the monument living even though it is a poised figure.


Ariel Rene Jackson


The artist photographed the image of the place for the Beauregard monumentnow replaced by

equestrian statue of General Beauregard in New Orleans. Ariel Rene Jackson created the oak-like artifact and then used photoshop to do the motion graphics. The idea is to symbolize the high diversity and creolization of New Orleans as an abstract live oak tree which is constituted of four unique looks.


Titus Kaphar


The artist did the sculpture made of glass, wood and marble. Putting the marble and parts of glass on wood. “Themolten glass is blown into empty wooden molds, charring the surface.” Titus Kaphar intends to rename, tear down and re-accession the relics of flawed past. The artist believes the molds show the potential of Americans’ ideal values. It can be considered as a process of “struggle as a society to conform our realities to the ideal.”




The artist photographed the pictures of the monument of Robert Edward Lee and African gray parrots. The artist obtained the figurine cutting out of the original picture and placed it on to a new canvas filled with greenish color and reorganized the composition of parrots and monument. The work is to remind people from the racial “Triangular Trade” happen again.

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