Drawing/Imaging: Places+Things:4Q for my monument

1 Park is relatively serene and pleasant compared to the other areas in the city. People go to park basically for getting rid of the stress from their brains and having a fresh breath. Therefore it is a great location for building my monument there because people have the comfortable atmosphere and mental demand to look for something new or something is out of the heavy workload.


2 People love more than one person in the whole life. There are parents, grandparents, siblings, friends or someone helped or is helping us and our lover. I want to emphasize the last one-lover-who is probably going to be accompanied with us, rather than the others. It is valuable, necessary, crucial and wealthy to establish the relationship, to manage the relationship and more importantly to cherish the relationship.


3 Doing them based on the color theory. When I am choosing the texture and color of the material, I mainly focus on what the feeling and emotion are conveying to people. And beauty.


4 People who want to begin a romantic relationship with others, people who are going to start a romantic relationship and people who are in the romantic relationship with others. I want people not to be disappointed or depressed if they are facing little difficulties and problems, I want them not to give up, leave or even fight because of temporarily misunderstanding and unsatisfying feeling for the high expectation to the lover.

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