Drawing/Imaging: Places+Things:final draft

Drawing/Imaging: Places+Things:final draft

Yuzhou Zhang

Love them, forever

Thomas Paine Park


It is relatively serene and pleasant compared to the other areas in the city. People go to park basically for getting rid of the stress from their brains or just having fresh breath. Therefore it is a great location for building my monument there because people have a comfortable atmosphere and mental demand to look for something new or something is out of the heavy workload.

The idea of is to encourage people to establish, manage and cherish the relationship of someone they love. They can be parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and lovers. To let them aware that, they are the most valuable, necessary, crucial thing in human lives. I want people not to be disappointed or depressed if they are facing little difficulties and problems in a relationship. I want them not to give up, leave or even fight because of temporarily misunderstanding and unsatisfying feeling for the high expectation to the someone they love.

When I am choosing the texture and color of the material, I mainly focus on what the feeling and emotion are conveying to people. The monument is filled with golden colors which simply represents the value of the idea. Also, beauty is another important part I consider when doing it.

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