Process: deconstructing object

Yuzhou Zhang

Studio: System & Strategies

Yana Dimitrova

24 January 2019


-Define the object you want to deconstruct:

It is a human body furniture series collection.

-Identify the function and context of the object:

The parts of the body served in multiple functional-use types of furniture. It is exhibited in the New Museum.

-Specify what you think is the purpose of the object:

The designer tries understanding the feeling of human’s daily objects when they are existing in our lives. Therefore, he decided to become them so that the experience as a primary source.

-What system this object is a part of:

I guess the pieces of artwork would be in a series of collection exhibited in a public museum or gallery. They are not going to be mass-produced but the idea and appearance of the design could provide inspiration to a design company.

-Add some information you find about the history, biography and general approach of the artist to their work:

Nikolas is an artist, designer, and performance artist.  He grew up in a family of artists and designers. He is currently a resident at the New Museum design incubator program NEW INC. Nikolas Bentel tries to approach design and trick the rules by using his body as a tool or even as an object.

-3-5   initial sketches of investigation:

Nikolas Bentel files patent for furniture series formed by his naked body



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