Bridge 1, phase 2

What I am thinking about the Human Furniture Collection by Nikolas Bentel:

Nikolas Bentel has created a series collection of human daily furniture which is made up of his own body. In Nik’s opinion, he believes that it is good for people to develop new technology and utilize them but on the other hand, people’s elaborate body given by God will be wasted.

Marshall McLuhan once said: “You will never understand the potential of a medium until it becomes obsolete.” Therefore, Nik decides to fully take advantage of human’s usefulness.

He also thinks that in order to better understand what does it mean to design, to produce and to use products, he needs to become them.

I think he has probably tried a lot of times in designing the body’s positions, the details in joints and angle, and how much weight each piece of “furniture” can hold. Before doing that, the first step for Nik was to think of something to become, according to his aspiration, he shall become an object human use.


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