Core Lab Typography: Poster: Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception

This poster assignment is a chance to choose an exhibition event from the list and explore the use of typography, grid, color, shape, materiality, and scale to create a compelling announcement for it. The document size is 24″ × 36″ and no images needed. The last one is the motion animation. I choose Francis Alÿs because his artwork is very attractive to me. I have searched for much information about him and also watched a short biography video about him and his works. After he graduated from Venice, Italy as an architectural designer, he moved to Mexico City and officially start his art path. Basically, he turns himself into a tool and explores urbanity, spatial justice, and land-based poetics. Using diverse media to achieve and display his creative ideas of art. The reason to make a 3D style of the texts on the poster is to create the connection between the exhibition and its artist.

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