Book Art project

For my Book Art project, I made a wind chime using the book “What is the color of wind” by Eb Bieber. It is a feel guide to the out-of-door exploration designed for parents and their children. The content focused on Instructing different activities to the children in the aim of having interaction with nature, also feeling the changing seasons through the wind.

After reading it briefly, I decided to create a piece that not only has sensory playfulness designs in it but also somehow abstractly presented the changing wind’s form throughout a year. In my understanding of nature, the seasons, they always came in a repeating circle since it was the eternal rule of life. This rule appeared to me as a circular wave or pattern to me,which was why I construct a gradient change. Using wooden pole stick to hang the wind chime also maintain the constant look of the piece, the top of the chime was the original binding of my book because I tried to use the entire book except for the cover that is colored. I wanted to keep the work with no color other than white and the black binding to convey the purity and lucid traits within the wind,children. Moreover,The frill on the paper rolls was made by the edge of the ripped side of the page,which represented the waves, such as the falling leaves and ripple on the water surface when the wind passed by.

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