Cartier Bresson response+inspiration of Time Capsule project

In the article《The Picture Story》,the author express the essential significant knowledge and insight of photograph. Bresson Believes that for photographers,shooting is much complex than the idea of visual recording. Besides the combination and relation between the subject,color,composition, and technique that constructed within a photo, memory appears as the most important peculiarity. Therefore, Good pictures require planning and clear self-awareness of the photographers. It is the story of a moment that is gone forever,which an embodiment of the tiny time fragment that is not easy to capture with human’s eyes.

The picture I choose under the topic “Time Capsule” is this one picture I took during this weekend in Soho.

The store I visited was on the second floor, and the stairs to the place were very interesting aesthetically and conveyed an experience of deep into space with the rise of the stairs. From my perspective when I was taking this picture, By changing the color of this picture into B&W, The contrast between light and shade was stronger; I can see the turning point with the bright window at the end of this stair. The image reminds me of the unlikely situation I have been through. Most of the time people notice that things are processing as time passes but the “bright turning points” take time in life,and the future is the unknown space behind the turn that no one can see or predict.

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