The Time Capsule project

“The Disco Elephants” was a modified photography I created as my time capsule project. I was inspired and believed in the idea that photos capture the time fragments and save it as a visual capsule. So there is no specific plot in the piece but the dramatic life trait of a flashing moment that human’s vision cannot catch in time. The reason I chose 2D form to express this is that of the exclusion to viewers’ experience. If a picture is the life of 0.1 second,how can human‘s eye see and analyze the story of 0.1 second. The five senses are away distracting each other, so a still picture that has no sound or movement somehow invites the viewers to concentrate on the limited content with their imagination. I also appreciate the contingency in photography. Although the work itself was just an image of blending light of Manhattan’s night view. This is the only image that I took at the moment that has such an abstract but vivid trait of life in it.

Final edition:

Edited version 1:

Original photo:

I tried to edit it with the actual images of the elephants that have dancing movements, but the outcome was not as much effective as the original version even after adjusting the transparency of the elephant images. I preferred to save the pure abstraction, so I decided not giving too much edition or definition to the image


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