Object of Adornment project

About the Object of Adornment project:
With this making experience, I want to mainly use the leftover materials I saved from the last semester, such as the color rubber piece and felt. I also saved different kinds of plastic packages recently. I hope these materials can all be used in the final design of this project.

The materials I finally decided to use in this project were the extra plastic glass piece,2 short wooden pieces,and a golden metallic stick that  I save from last semester. I drilled the plastic glass and the small wooden cylinders, bent the metallic stick to a rectangle with one side opened and put the different materials on it as the decoration.

(Tring different possibilities of wearing this adornment on my body.)

Then I used the yellow rubber sheet and cut a small square shape out as the last part of the decoration to complicate the final look of this assertory, and this was the moment I decided to make it into a necklace.

Using the finest sanding paper to make one side of the plastic glass square into matt texture and sand out the mark that was left on the end of the wooden piece. This sanding part gave the object more visual complexity and cleared out the dirty edge of the leftover wooden piece.

I later picked up two plastic bags in different tones of yellow from my kitchen to create the “golden” chain of the necklace. This part of my project was inspired by the jewelry exhibition we visited for the field trip. I tempted to use the geometric elements constructed within the piece to convey a modern sense to the viewer.


The Final Look:

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