Bridge 2 project: “The Puzzle Hoodie”

For my project, I deconstructed and copied the pattern of a lilac hoodie made with cotton from my closet. I chose this particular garment because this hoodie had two layers of hat and pocket and I thought it would be interesting to recreate it differently. The second garment I used was a striped suit jacket I got from Goodwill. The sleeve was quite challenging to connect with the shoulder parts of the clothing became the technique is kind of tricky and I did not found the strategy yet;this was also the part that took me time to work on.

However,I enjoyed challenging myself by sewing the sleeve onto the piece because it was an opportunity to practice and improve my sewing skills. I was happy with the final asymmetric look of the garment. This gave the top a dramatic structure.

On the other hand, the buttons I left on the fabric intentionally also developed the visual complexity of the piece and some functional use on the back part. All in all, I learned how to sew sleeve throughout this project. Since I had done similar draping practice before, Did project did not really change the way I think about design, but it definitely changed my understanding of the making process of a piece of garment.

Final Look:


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