Fabric in Fashion at the Museum @ FIT

The first exhibiting look I chose is the black “metallic film, and cotton blend ruffled cape with coasted silk camisole and pants” created by Issey Miyake Design Studio in 1982. The wavy ruffles of the first garment are Miyake‘s signature pleat texture,which are the heat-set folds that only possible to create with the synthetic fiber. The layers of ruffles form an elegant and dramatic look of the sleeves with the gold shimmer.

The other one is the set of ”white rayon stain evening jacket and dress” made in the USA during the 1930s. The ensemble is mainly produced by rayon stain which provides a soft and feminine texture that heightens the beauty of woman’s body with a fitting design around the waistline. The champagne stain sleeve with a subtle bagginess also shows a sense of elegance but in a much mellow way.

In comparison to the black ruffled garment, the texture of the white rayon satin set is light and smooth, but it’s hard to create value in shape. Considering the time these ensembles were made. The design of Miyake‘s dress is more close to the pop culture in 90s,which is the time when metallic textile becomes a trend. However, the white rayon satin dress and jacket were made in the 30s, which appears very likely to be a piece that influences by 1920s fashion trend. This ensemble particularly remains of the movie scenes of the rich ladies in “The Great Gatsby.”

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