Sequential Recut Project

Rotoscope mini-project elements:

Background image:

The inspiration I have for my sequential recut project is started for the photography collection “Hola” by Rinko Kawaguchi and the tailor of the movie “Touch Me Not”.In the society of hyper-individualism today, the characters of people have become more and more distinct to each other since most people pursuit free will and self-identity.

Therefore, the chemistry of different individual existences reacting with each other now is stronger and more complicated than before. There’s always a sense of insecurity, like fear and nervousness within a singular person, gets assuaged in a group. Although Humans are social beings, and all the interactions they have with others are a way of searching warmth comprehensively, a closed relationship can also bring misunderstanding, lost, and pain. The truth is, when you trust or care about a person, you give them the chance and power to hurt you, Solitary is a wall we built to protect us from getting hurt but also an inviter of people’s general lack of solicitude and concern toward others. For this project, I want to capture different motions of people interacting with others to explore this topic.

4 set of motion from the video:

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