Reflection to Rebecca Solnit’s presentation on River of Shadows

In Rebecca Solnit’s presentation on River of Shadows, the speaker focuses on revealing the transformation of the experience of time to the audiences through the content and motion with images. The work itself seems to be a biography about Eadweard Muybridge. However, River of Shadows has contributed much more than that with the sense of alienation and loneliness delivers by the perspective of the artist. His photos are mostly focused on the scenes instead of people. As the speaker says, “there never personal in a sense.” Besides, the historical background of his photo collections is quite significant to consider since it was during the period of time when photography was invented; the point of view the artist held back in that time was very different than the photographers today, the possibilities of this form of art were still unpredictable, and nobody could really define it with a fixed concept. Lastly, there’s a strong sense of series and sequences in River of Shadows becuase of the fragments of motion in nature that the artist captured.



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