Framing Fashion


To start constructing the body suit, I sewed two lines with red threads to make the ruffle. Later, I Pined the two layers of fabric together on the dress form.

During the final sewing step, I used overlock and cover stitch respectfully on the hip and two sides of the body suit.

Completed third piece: Mesh turtle neck top.

For my final photo shoot, I decided to take it in the studio room which was the classroom of my Int Studio2 course for this whole semester. I did not choose to be my own model since I want to be the “viewer” in the scene,also the director of this shoot since my 3 ensembles are designed to interpret the theme of insecure women‘s body. 

Female‘s appearance and beauty were always viewed and defined passively by the external world as an object. This fact had reminded me of dress forms, which have some similar characters to sculptures and women‘s bodies.

During the shoot, I instructed my model to stand and sit among the dress form to blur herself in the scene as an art piece. In the collaborative picture with both Rachel and me, I tried to model the dressing style of my artist and placed myself on the back in order to refer to the working style of the artist, which is a worker behind the stage.

The two main works of Xiang that inspired me.





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