Assignment #5- 2 TED Talks- Beauty & culture

In this video Richard Seymour said, since he became a designer, he always thinking:” Do we feel Beauty, or do we think beauty.” And he thinks that “think beauty” is important for him.As a designer, sometimes we should close our eyes, and take a deep breath, to feel the world, to feel the beauty that world brought us.
Sometimes we should not only use our eyes to judge something is beautiful or not, but we should also know the stories behind, and use your heart to feel the beauty behind it.

In the second video, Delali Bright talked about her how dose African culture defines beauty, and how does American culture define beauty. In African culture, they think that skinny is ugly, and represents not wealthy. She had a hard time in her hometown when she was young. But after she came to America, she became beautiful again, because American culture defines skinny as beauty. As my opinion, everything has its positive side and the negative side; every culture has their definition of beauty.

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