BRIDGE 3: Site-Specific Narrative

Interview 1: “It’s very nice here, and I am the second time here but I’m just a tourist here so that I haven’t seen much things here.” ——A mother with a baby


Interview 2: “We can here today and we are from New Jersey, and I’ve been here many times just love to bring the kids here and every time stay here for a little while just see the new stuff and what’s going on. The memory here I would say that with kids and the beautiful area around here or maybe a little further down, and just hang around here let them play and see the sculpture and art. We all love here. Pretty much whatever this thing is, and they like art and surrounds here also things to climb on [laughing].” ———The family Mom and Dad with 2 kids


Interview 3: “We are working here actually. Not this part my favorite like, but the part where is lose to the market is my favourite. The memory I had was my girlfriend came to New York and we both walked High Line together.” ——Saw the photographer was taking the photo of model.

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