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The modern culture inspired me. In this project. In our society today, there are few sensitive words, for example, LGBT, people of color, homosexual, feminist and sexism. I want to make some connections between human rights with my project. In today’s modern culture, there are some people are against difference, that they think, human should follow “rules,” but being different then what they believe human the should be. A few months ago, I saw a picture online; the image is about a homosexual couple was sitting on the ground, being rinsed by the police with the water gun. Nowadays, these people are still discriminated against in so many other countries in the world. Also, in many countries are gay marriage always not legalize.These people have were treated with violence when they are trying to fight for their rights and being their true self. In this project, I was inspired by the water gun incident, that way I think water is an essential element for my project.

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Nowadays, nude swimming is the popular thing around the country, without worry about what others think about them, no matter they are skinny or fat, tall or short, black or white, male or female, everyone is the same. People chose this because they are pursuing the freedom and equality; this is my second inspirations form water. When people took off their clothes, people are not afraid about their identity, expressing their true self, in the water. Water could be violent but also can represent the liberation of themselves.

The fashion designer Iris Van Herpen’s done something similar before, in one of her water haute couture collection; she created a dress with polyester, heat them up, and turn them into water shape. In my project, I want to use polyester to create hats, belts, and necklaces. I think the polyester is a good material to create the water shape.

These are some picture I found online, that inspirited me on this project. In this project I focus on the water movement.

sketches and 3D models

These are the sketches and some small 3D models of my work. Basic on my inspirations on the two different sides of water, also the Iris Van Herpen’s water dress, I decided to design four different pieces, In two different materials; the polyesters and metal grids, these four pieces were designed for different parts of our body; they are hats, necklace, and the sleeve. I chose to add the metal grids into this project because I found that the metal grid is real to bend, and it can create a water flowing shape just like the polyester, but in the different texture. I was planning to design a water shape that looks like when water lands on the human body.

processes of this project


The process of this project is enjoyable, and I enjoyed it a lot. I used the heat gun to heated up the polyester when it started to bend, I used the pliers to turn it into different shapes, and the polyester started having negative spaces. Sometimes when the temperature was too high, the polyester will meltdown, and created some holes, which made the polyester looks much like water. The hardest part of this project is that polyester boards are cool down really fast when it been heated up, so it’s tough to bend it into the shapes I want.

These are the four final pieces, I think it turn out the way I expected. One thing I think that I should improve is these four pieces should fit our body shape better, because when people put them on right now it’s quite painful.

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