In this video, Tim brown talked about design thinking. He pointed out how important that designs thinking are. And he encouraged people to think widely about design. Design can improve the qualities of products also the qualities of companies. In his speech, he mentioned a person named Amblard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel used all the principle of design thinking, which his thought about what people need and want so that his designs benefited the communities and people at that time. In my opinion, a designer should not only design something that just himself think so beautiful but create something that public needs.

“But it occurred to me, how in his small life had he already believed the myth that if something was that well done, that we must have done it. How did he not know —it’s what we’ve all forgotten—that we’re not the first ones to build.” Janine Benyus said this during her Biomimicry in action talk. In fact, it’s true that most of the people already believed that other creatures in the world are trying the doing something like the human, but that’s wrong, these creatures live ahead us billion years, they learn these things to live gracefully on this planets for a long time. Human today are learning to form the animals, we study how they hunt, how to live without batteries. We get a lot to learn from these animals in our world; the human is not the perfect one.

In the video, Design For the Other 90%, designer are thinking, how to design something meaningful, beautiful, also can benefit and help these people who need help four the lives.
5000 people die every day because of water and diseases. Designer designed this live straw, it’s a water filter, to help poor people to prevent diseases in water, This is just one of great things these designers designed for the communities. They created so many great things to save people’s lives. And that told us, how important that designers mean to our communities.

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