ASSIGNMENT #16- Mass & materials Interlocking

This is the assignment #16, Mass & materials Interlocking. Because I can’t find any big piece of wood, so I bought these thin wood board,  cut in in squares, then use wood glue the glue them layer by layer. Some wood squares, I use the wood cutting machine to cut these triangle shapes and square shapes, these negative spaces were used for to fill with fabrics later.

I bought different color fabrics in Black, I measure the sizes of these negative spaces on the wood block, and basic on the scales I measured, I cut the fabrics in shapes, and use fabric glue to glue each layer together. In the end, I put the fabrics on the wood block.

I enjoy the processes of this project; it’s enjoyable to play with, I think the biggest challenge of this project is to cut the fabrics into the right size,  and have to layer them up perfectly.

Also, I’m quite proud that I combine these two different materials, to create a new pattern and  new color combinations.

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