Assignment #17 – What is Ergonomics- Video + reflection

In the early days of industrialization, getting the job done more important than the well-being worker. But later in 1940, people started to realize work can be done faster and better if the equipment they use was easier and safer One of most important thing about the ergonomics is that people will easily to understand how to use and the projects can help us efficiently to get the things we want. Ergonomics is something that fit all human, both adults and Childs Many designs we had before, are hard to understand, even there is an instruction, that causes many products wasted. As a design, when we design things, we need to put our self as a customer, and to think in their ways, to figure out how to create the products more efficiently. In this video, they mention about layout, and how important it is. A good layout, customer don’t even need a instruction to tell them how to use this product, customer can figure out by themselves easily. Physically fit is one other thing they mentioned in the video, how the product fit people, and the comfort when they were using the products are essential. Lastly, they said the size and shape, and this also relates to the comfortableness of using the product, how people feel are the most important things to consider when designers design their products. I think being a designer; there are many things need to be considered, looking good are not only major things to think about but remembering how to design something that efficiently to use also to make people feel comfortable. 

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