Reflection in ELP: Derrick Adams SANCTUARY at MAD

Reflection in ELP: Derrick Adams SANCTUARY at MAD

Which aspect of the Green Book you found surprising. Here is more info about the Green Book:

I read through the idea and purpose about the green book; I found out that green book is not only a travel guidebook but a horrible and unfortunate fact. That black people need to book when they travel, so they can keep themselves safe. Although nowadays black people don’t need the green book for travel but think back to the history, it still surprises me and makes me feel scared.


The different media employed in the installation and how they connect to the Green Book:

The artist used many different media in his artworks, for example, concrete, wood, paper, and light, also there are hair pick, mirror compact, comb and hats in his artworks. These media are all connected to the green book history and represent black people’s daily life and the culture’s problems during that part of the time. One of the favorite artworks in this exhibit is the half ring road that made of the wood material in the room. I can tell that artist wants to use this project to show the history of the green book; that how black people travel, and he was trying to express that how much that black people dedicate to the American culture and hope others can pay respect to them and be thankful.


Connect this to your final project for this class. What inspiration can you take from this project?

One thing I like about Derrick Adams’s artwork is that; he combines histories and the research he did with his artworks. People can learn about the green book and black history through his artwork, at the same time his works can show people his emotions and the words he is trying to express. In my project, I think is a good idea to combine my research in seminar class with this artwork, to show people about furs’ history and use different media to express my own opinion.

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