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2. Long Life Design of Canvas Bag is a design project that will bring some changes over time, particularly during the next 50 years. In general, the item I design and make is to use canvas, needle and thread to produce canvas bags. There are multiple reasons why I choose such an item as the design to use over the next fifty years. First and foremost, the canvas bag I design will be long-lasting. Since the bag will be made by canvas, it will wear well, rather than being used for several months and then becoming solid waste. This can avoid overconsumption, a waste of resources, and pollution to the nature, suggesting that my design will meet one of the most important criteria of long Life Design, environmental. In addition to the environmental friendliness, another reason why I choose the canvas design is because I wish to produce something that is affordable and cost-friendly to the general public. As mentioned above, the raw materials to be used include thread, needle, and also canvas, suggesting that the cost for production is relatively low. Further still, I make this design because I wish to produce something that has multiple functions and is practical to buyers. In more detailed words, the bag that I design will include seven small bags of different size, which can facilitate users to fulfill different demands. Moreover, the bag will be portable since it is made of soft and foldable canvas. The fourth reason to motivate me to produce such a design is that it can be repairable. Even if the bag has been broken or stained, users can easily repair or wash it. for example, if the bag is broken, they can sew and mend or even add some decorations on it. Last but not least, to enhance safety and healthiness for buyers and users is another reason why I prefer this product. Specifically, the canvas bag will not use any dye to produce certain colors or images, which makes it a safe and wholesome product for buyers. All in all, the reason why I prefer this design is because it can meet multiple criteria for Long Life Design, particularly repair, cost, function, safety and environment.


3. Accordingly, when it comes to the Long Life Design, it sets forth multiple criteria for  designers, such as repair, cost, sales, manufacturing, function, safety, planned production, user, environment, and design. To fulfill the criteria of repair, my design is supposed to provide a shortcut for users to repair it. Even if the bag is stained, users can easily wash it to make it clean. If the stain cannot be removed, decorations such as badges or sticker can be applied to cover the stain. Alternatively, the bag can be dyed if it is totally stained. In addition, even if the bag is broken, they can sew and mend or even add some decorations on it. In this sense, the bag can be cleaned and repaired easily over the next 50 years.

In addition to the convenience for repairing, my design can also be used in new ways over the next 50 years. First and foremost, it can be used by owners to carry items when they participate in outdoor activities, such as shopping, hiking and so on. What is more, it can be used in the workplace, classroom or other public space for an increased amount of individuals to use this item to put items and keep the public space neat. In the third place, the bag can be used in different ways rather than being used when people goes out or place it in some public space, particularly when it is used in homes. For example, it can be placed in rooms to hold items such as cosmetics and stationery. Alternatively, it can be used in kitchens to keep knives, ingredients or other things in order.

3. system map


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