Diva Helmy: TUBE

Diva Helmy: TUBE


Concept/creation: Diva Helmy 

Tech support: Benjamin Gaulon

TUBE uses respiration as a communication technology that uses the intensity of your breath to activate audio. The aim of this project is to demonstrate a possibility for intuitive and embodied actions to become part of our computer mediated communication. A piezo sensor measures the vibration of your breath through a tube and displays audio feedback depending on its intensity, light breathing receives positive, affirmative expressions (ie. yes), heavy breaths activate negative associated expressions (ie. no). When considering the following statement by American anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell the “kinesic system has forms which are like words in a language”, that body movements can function as sounds that combine into words (Birdwhistell 80).

In the future I would like to use my TUBE research to become a designer of alternative communication. To build empathetic languages between emotional human beings and logical technology. All can benefit from healthier ritualized movements but it is important to note that projects such as this could potentially be used to aid those who are unable to perform a certain motor skill. For instance if a person is unable to speak but can breath they can use TUBE to express phrases.

Group Exhibition:


May 22, 2015
XPO Gallery

17 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003

Paris, France