Azzah Sultan: Art Looting

Azzah Sultan: Art Looting

Azzah Sultan, Art Looting, 2015, Leaflet, 68.3 x 30.2 cm

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Performance Piece: Placing the maps in the Louvre








The Louvre is well known for its prestigious collection of art from all over the world. But what makes them own these art and are they all there legally? In this piece Art Looting, Sultan explores the various types of stolen art within museum institutions and how can this information be known to the public. By placing back these re done versions of the map from the Louvre it is hacking the system and visitors of the Louvre, whoever happens to come across this map will have a different experience of the museum by being aware of the reality behind the stolen art in the Louvre.

  • I am a Malaysian artist currently based in New York, studying Fine Arts. Works with 2D and 3D medias. My body of work debunks cultural myths created by global authority figures. I explore the view of muslim women within the perspective of the Muslim community and the Western world.