Short Circuit Final Video, Storyboard, and Reflection

annie SB

I found that this project forced me to grow creatively in ways that I never have before; through the use of the medium of film and the criteria of the project, I had to do a lot of critical thinking about how to convey my idea while also following the unusual rule of showing parts of an action out of order. I definitely think that in my final product, the idea of time being distorted by drug use is a present topic. The way I cut and edited the film gave the feeling of time moving in a strange way due to the effects of medication. Strangely, I didn’t intend on creating that effect, so it’s interesting to me how it turned out that way. Film in itself is obviously the most time-based media that artists can use, so using this medium and then manipulating the time represented within the film makes for a really strange experience that forces the artist to push some creative boundaries.

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