Origami LED Butterfly

Step 1:

Choose an origami shape to make. Be sure that the origami piece that you choose moves and can be pinched together in an elegant way.  This butterfly was made from an online tutorial, which can be found here:



Step 2: make a practice piece in a cheap paper:

Photo 30-09-2014 12 07 56

Photo 30-09-2014 12 08 27 Photo 30-09-2014 12 09 29 Photo 30-09-2014 12 12 41

Step 3: Once you have your practice piece made, mark the point where two of its sides pinch together. This is where you will be completing the circuit you will make. Choose the point where you want your LED light to be and mark it, as well as an inconspicuous place for your battery to live. Mark that too.

Photo 30-09-2014 12 12 50Photo 30-09-2014 12 13 02

Step 4: Unfold your origami piece. Draw a line connecting your two marked connection ends, your battery, and your LED light. Cut a paper square that will serve as a pocket for your battery. Transfer all of these markings discretely to your final paper.




Photo 30-09-2014 12 14 38Photo 30-09-2014 12 16 44


Step 5: Use conductive tape to trace the path you drew between connection ends, LED, and battery. Cut away the conductive tape where your LED and battery will live. Apply conductive tape to the inside of the square pocket you cut for your battery, leaving a tail extended to one side. Solder that tail to one side of the path you drew with the conductive tape. Be sure that the tape on the under side of the pocket in no way touches the other side of the tape’s path.





Photo 30-09-2014 12 55 59Photo 30-09-2014 12 48 38




Step 6: Solder your LED to your conductive tape, and attach your pocket to your paper (I used an industrial sewing machine). Insert your battery and test your circuit with alligator clips attached to a wire.

Photo 30-09-2014 13 46 35

Step 7: Refold your origami piece, and test it. Admire.

Photo 30-09-2014 14 34 48



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