Buddhism Swatch Book

The design iteration I used for my patterns was inspired by the conch shell motif prominent in Buddhist culture. This also inspired the title, because the conch shell is a symbol of the calling of Buddhists to pray, and becoming wise, and essentially awakened. When creating my point, line, and planar designs, I tried to create ones that focused on circles. All of my designs have either negative or positive space that create an uneven circle shape, and I did this to help connect the differing designs. I got the colors for my palette from several Buddhist images. The darker colors were from a few images of Buddhist temples. The cream, tan, and red colors were from a painting of Buddha. The blue and grey colors were from a photo of a beautiful waterfall in China. I darkened a few, because the colors used in Buddhism can be very vibrant and bright, and I wanted to tone the colors down so they fit together nicely, and there wouldn’t be any that were too bright or too dark. My clothing designs focused on delicate, naturalistic shapes. A few have cutouts that make the piece look more intricate. I wanted these garments to have subtle details, because Buddhist clothing is very subdued and understated. Overall, I tried to maintain a balanced feeling, while still making my designs interesting and unique.

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