Open Works Final – Welcome to Wonderland

My project is called “Welcome to Wonderland,” and its purpose is to make the viewer feel as though they are being transported to a fantasy world separate from the reality of time and space. It is meant to be an escape, a place where one does not feel connected to the stresses and pressures of their daily life.

In creating this fantasy world, I learned a lot about building a space for observers to interact with. I had to take into consideration all aspects, such as the walls, “ceiling”, lighting, music, and appearance from the outside, to create a complete experience. I can use that knowledge in the future when creating art that will exist in a space and be interacted with by viewers.

Process Sketches




Mind Map


Information Poster

Open Works FinalPoster

Other inspiration

05a309e69ff6a90d1f98195036a25880 Peter Pan

5bbb8414e016205f9da37e56de52312b Walt Disney Alice in WonderlandAlice-in-Wonderland-wallpaper-tim-burton-18698658-1600-1200 Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland11_14_AT_Scharf Kenny Scharf, Cosmic Cavern

Building the installation



Final Installation

IMG_5385IMG_2754 IMG_2757 IMG_2759


IMG_2776           IMG_5431IMG_2815IMG_2816



This project made me think a lot about what goes into affecting someone’s perception of time and how to create art that reflects an understanding of time. In this project, I got to work on a scale that I’ve never attempted before and see how to use the skills I already have to create an entire experience for the viewers. I learned how to look at art from the perspective of time and observe how something that affects us all can be interpreted and displayed in so many different ways.

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  1. Nicely done Claire, it was really impressive that you took on a project that dealt with the idea of immersion in this way. Love the photo of you in the room!

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