Andrew Cornell Robinson

andrew yarnball
Trial Knot (Orange), Silkscreen, 2014
31.75 x 26 inches

Andrew Cornell Robinson is an artist and founder of the arts and crafts research studio (acrStudio); a platform for independent and collaborative projects that explore craft techniques, materials and concepts. His work includes ceramic and sculptural assemblage, painting and printmaking. He is also a member of the faculty at Parsons the New School for Design.

Although much of his work is part of a ceramic tradition, he approaches a broad range of media and processes with an interest in their potential to create intimate connections through image, story and form. A raconteur at heart, his objects and images allude to a narrative that strings together the images and artifacts he creates. Through printmaking and painting he layers screen-printed imagery, collage and chine-collé to create juxtapositions of images and text and encourages associations between seemingly random elements. Transforming stories through fragmentation, abstraction and intuitive approaches to printing processes, materials and image making leads to expressive forms that are open to interpretation.

Andrew Cornell Robinson at ACR studio

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