Renée Rockoff

Renée Rockoff, Visage I, 2014, Silkscreen, 9" x 8.5", printer: Michael Kirk 
Visage I, 2014, silkscreen, 9″ x 8.5″
printer: Michael Kirk

This silkscreen is one of a series of portraits of women using images from art history. The faces are multicultural, exploring portrayals of women accessed from various ethnicities and periods of art. These portraits began in 2005 as a yearly design project for a social anthropologist in Norway whose work involves human rights issues for women and immigrants. Over the years a large number of these faces have been created. 

In this print, soft glazes of cyan, magenta, yellow and black were used to build tonalities and depth of color. There are 28 layers on each print. Four screens, reshot seven times each allowed for a shift in detail, revealing the work’s subtlety and range.  

Renée Rockoff is an artist/designer. Her creative practices span a multidisciplinary approach to art making as they include choreography, performance, sculpture, works on paper, digital imaging and one-of-a-kind books. She maintains a freelance business as a graphic designer.

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