Katayoun Chamany receives the John A. Moore Award

  • Posted on: February 28, 2018
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On January 7th, Katayoun Chamany, Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, received the John A. Moore Award and delivered a lecture titled “From STEM to STREAMD: Responsibility, Arts, and Design for Inclusive Learning” at the Annual Conference for the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology where she shared her work on Stem Cells Across the Curriculum.  This conference had two interesting symposia focused on “Science Through Narrative” and  “Science in the Public Eye.” We encourage you to review the abstracts as there are valuable lessons to be learned, potential to get involved, and opportunities to both broaden and deepen your network. The Moore lectureship was established in 1990 by the SICB Educational Council to offer the society a new perspective on science education. Professor Moore was an established biology educator and the creator of the Science as a Way of Knowing (SAAWOK) series. The goals of SAAWOK for improving biology education remain at the forefront of science education today: to evolve entry level courses that emphasize concepts with materials consistent with the changing needs of students and society, to relate how scientific procedures lead to a better understanding of the natural world and to the solutions of important human problems, and to present biology as a relevant humanistic discipline. For more information on the SAAWOK series, please read the article describing their rich history.

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