Adam Brown in Neuroscience News

Associate Professor of Psychology, Adam Brown, was interviewed in Neuroscience News regarding his latest study on PTSD and artificial intelligence.

Shai Davidai in Public Seminar

Shai Davidai, Assistant Professor of Psychology, had the essay Dodging Inequality and Winning Elections recently published in Public Seminar.

Cecilia Rubino Led Discussion about Mental Health

Cecilia Rubino, Theatre Chair, alongside Dr. Jerry Finkelstein, Clinical Psychologist, led a participatory discussion about mental wellbeing and creative education in Unknotting Trauma, part…

Joan Miller Presentation at Cornell

Joan Miller, Professor of Psychology, gave a colloquium presentation on "bringing context and agency more fully into cultural psychology" at Cornell University's Cognitive…

Howard Steele in Public Seminar

Howard Steele, Psychology Co-Chair, wrote "Separation is Never Ending: Attachment is a Human Right" which was published in Public Seminar's First Drafts.
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