family portrait


My family is always on the go; between my brother’s various sports practices, all of my swimming, art, and music activities, and my parent’s jobs, it’s hard for us to catch up with each other daily over family dinner. In my family portrait, I chose to portray our family vacations, where a lot of family bonding happens. No matter where we travel to, we always end the trip with huge smiles, various inside jokes, and amazing memories. We’re all very different individuals but something we can all relate and bond over is traveling and culture (especially food). I picked the walking symbols to represent each family member to show that we’re always on the go. I collaged pictures of myself and that specific family member on vacation on their body, and chose a color for their head to show their personality traits. I chose blue for my dad because he’s always calm and level headed about most things in life, including big decisions and situations. My brother is yellow because he thinks with his left side of his brain- he always thinks logically, with his head and not his heart, and always makes quick decisions. He is also mentally analytical of himself and others. My mom is red because of her loving, passionate personality. She is always passionate regarding anything she does or believes is right (which could be good and bad at times). Each picture I chose to collage has meaning to me and I think portrays my relationship well with each family member.

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