Architecture + Design Studio 2: Proscenium and Topography Seating


In this assignment, we designed an outdoor amphitheater that included groundwork and a clear proscenium.

My concept played with the existing evergreen trees on the site, adding additional trees that completed the perimeter. Each tree consisted of height varying tree pod that holds 3-4 audience members. There is additional topography seating accessible to audience members who cannot climb the spiral stairs up the tree around the proscenium.

The lights draped from the trees across the stage create a clear proscenium at the point of their connection in the middle of the site, where the performer stands. Entrances are enhanced and guide the audience members with strung lights in between the trees on the perimeter of the site, facing the street and the library. The performer is to enter up the stairs from the playground and descend to the stage area.

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