Rubin Museum Reflection

The class was taking a field trip at 150 East 17th street on Friday in Rubin Museum. We attended the World is Sound exhibition, which is a museum closes to Parsons. From this visit, we learned to listen with our whole bodies. We see how sound and our sense of hearing shape our daily lives, and our history. The World Is Sound gives sound in some new ways to animate the experiences of art in the Rubin’s collection. Through this exhibition, I got to see some interesting ways to fresh my body and use my ears to listen sounds around me. The way of asking visitors to touch the wall listen, the sounds came out from the wall was a bit wired and scaring. Also, a way of asking me to lay down and listen was pretty fun, it sounded like giving a story to listen when I was on that chair. These three pictures up were taken from the exhibition, which gave me a sound video with colorful pictures and different values of sounds. The exhibition also includes Tibetan Buddhist ritual music in Nepal and India.

Sometimes our perception of times changes when we put more attention on aural experience through time passed and environments changed, because people feel differently when we all touch new things over the time. The aural experiences might be some very simple, easy ways in our life, like listening to the radio; listening to the noise from the streets; listening to the birds’ singing every morning… The inward looking changes the away we connect with the outside world through effecting people with a technology world and bringing new knowledges to us. With ears and body, to the sounds around you, my own experience of time and space is transformed when I turn in so much. Since I’m growing up, the atmosphere changed a lot. I moved into a new area when I was in kindergarden, and moved again when I went to high school. The two places I got moved were so far and different, I saw how people near me changed and the sounds hear from the two places were new, like there was so much traffic noise in the first place, but it was peaceful in the second place. The sounds could bring me energy and fresh things everyday, because I’m enjoying my life every second. The different cultures use sound to motivate, unify and organize society give people different knowledges and experiences. While cultures’ different, the transformation of time treats people from different countries differently, because we all have different traditions and appearances.

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