Sequential Recut Video

My video is basically giving a history of traditional making skills like knitting skill in China back to many years ago, which’s one of the most important skills that people are loosing now. I will focus on the special skills of knitting mostly, like how different from this knitting skill from other countries, how this skill relates to the country. So I’ll collect and search pictures online and from magazines to get more informations for this technique making skills. My question that I want to raise by giving my idea is to ask if people can still extend and explore a rare making skill over the generations’ changing. It’s because teenagers are loosing good making skills at this time. They couldn’t realize the importances of rare techniques. The voices speaking in the piece are those professional teachers from the past to give a kind of introduction that how long have this knitting skill have been using and how it has been worked during these years. Also, I’ll add more information about my main idea which is this amazing skill is disappearing from this history and the reason why for that. The audiences I hope to transform are those teenagers and the government, because the young people couldn’t get a chance to know about this skill and it’s not for them to like and understand it. The government also really give a chance to them to extend this interest.

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