Project 9: Interstice Embodied

Project 9: Interstice Embodied
The concept:
The concept of this project is basically about the relationship between me and my best friend from high school. I used and designed the materials I chose for this project was gold mirror paper. I used this typy of paper instead of using a real mirror to reflect how I want the mirror paper to transfer and exchange our thoughts. Why I choose the gold mirror paper because sometimes I think friendship gets cold then gets warm back. I want mirror transfer and exchange our feelings directly and the way how it does is well and it’s faster and better than talk face to face.

Use of materials/ reason for choosing them:
Gold mirror paper: to reflect, exchange and transfer the messages.
Rope: to tight our relationship well and to be a good link up between my friend and I, and to transfer the colored balls mean the feelings directly from she to me.
Little colored balls on the rope: to represent different feelings we got between friends like angry, happy, excited, mad…

The processes:
The processes of this project is design the concept first. Then, I would design how I want to embody our relationship Then, do some easy sketches to make your ideas clear. Then, once the sketch is done, I went searching some materials I want. Then, I’ll think how I can use the mirror paper to come out a design. After all, I would take photographys for the final look.


Final look:

Related to the book:

How’s some meaningful quotes from the book I read relates to this project:

“The current educational regime is based on a certain view about what kind of knowledge is important:”knowing what,” as opposed to ‘knowing how’.”

“If thinking is bound up with action, then the task of getting an adequate grasp on the world, intellectually, depends on our doing stuff in it. ”

“This book is concerned less with economics than it is with the experience of making things and fixing things.”

“The things we know best are the ones we contend with in some realm of regular practice. ”

According to the text selected from the book I read, I really think making skills reflect to your thinking skills. Relating to this course Space/materiality, all of the projects we did this semester give students a chance to learn how to get ideas relate to space and move the ideas to a designed work.

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