Bridge 1 Seminar Reflection

Bridge 1 Seminar Reflection!
Name:Jiaona Fu !
What was your intention for the final draft, and how do you feel you conveyed that intention? ! My intention is to tell an interesting fake story and give a sense of creepy things happen all the time. I conveyed it through giving some interesting contents, details and the idea of story. !
What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through the simulated journey?!
What I discovered about the work and process and myself were to treat this experience as a field trip. It was very fun to create a simulated story along with the real journey. By giving a big difference of contents in the simulated essay, I found there were more interesting things I can experience and add to the real life maybe.!
What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through the real journey?! What I discorded about the real journey was the the process of the experience is a bit boring, because the creepy things wouldn’t happen usually. The real journey was very fun and I really enjoy the experience.!
Why did you choose to revise either the real or simulated journey for your final draft?!
I choose to revise the simulated essay as my final draft because I think my simulated one is more interesting to the audiences. Comparing to the simulated essay, the real one seems a bit boring and simple. !
What did you discover about your work, your process, and/or yourself through revision?!
I discovered that my work and the process could be much more interesting in the simulated essay. Also, I found out that I made a big difference between the real one and the simulated one.!
Why did you choose to make the revisions you did? (Give a minimum of two specific examples). ! First reason is because I have to fix my grammar issues while I was making the revisions. The second reason why is because I have to make a small change on the body paragraph to make the contents not seem too creepy. !
What risks did you take in this project? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?!
The risk was to build a fake story with the simulated ideas and characters. The risks I did decide against taking was keeping the same idea I did for the first draft, because I think my idea is fine, so I just need to build it up a bit more. !
How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 1?!
I think the experience is interesting to see a big difference between writing and making the project. The two process should be connected all the time, because when I first write the essay then I have to make it real in video. !
From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a writer and creator over the course of the semester?!
I want to get improved more on giving good contents and the details of the story over the semester.!

A Journey To The First Street of Garden
I haven’t taken this kind of journey alone for a long time. I remember the last time I did it was back to Shanghai last year during summer. The place I’m going to today is the First Street of Garden. The name does not give me lots of information, but it seems like a very beautiful place. After I did a little researches about this place, the first feel that popped up was I’m going to a very artistic place. I think it’s a perfect time to visit somewhere interesting during a warm day in summer. The trip makes me so excited, and I can’t wait to start it. The lucky thing is when I google the distance between my dorm to the place is only going to take me 16 minutes’ walking. I plan to walk instead of taking the train. The weirdest and the creepiest thing ever is while I’m on my way to the First Street of Garden, it starts snowing and the weather gets so cold. I can feel myself is storing in a fridge, this is how cold I feel. The wind flows like some sharp knives hurting to my face. I could hear the strong “SHA”, “SHA”, “SHA” sound dancing near my ears. I don’t usually get to see snow, because my hometown doesn’t get to snow easily. The taste of the snow is like drinking the best smoothies and shakes in a chilly weather.

Unfortunately, I have to stop to buy a warm coat to help me stay away from the weather, because I’m only wearing a T-shirt right now. After I leave from the store, I think I got stuck in another dimensional space. Because everyone is dressing in their summer’s clothes, but it’s still snowing outside, they don’t even feel like they are cold. Suddenly, an old couple talks to me, “Hey Ms, why you are wearing so much?’’ I don’t know how to response to him, “Don’t you feel cold , Mr?” The old woman gives me a weird face, it seems like I’m going crazy. I asked them where they are going to, the man gives me an answer of “nowhere”. I don’t understand his “nowhere”. After I say bye to the old couple, I take a left corner. The Street of Garden is right there, but the wired thing is I just start the journey and it only takes about 5 mins for walking? Finally I see the Street of Garden, the place is so pretty. The place is full of spray paintings and fancy doodling.

The weirdest thing happens again, I see that old couple I meet on way in the garden. I don’t know if I want to say hi or not, because this seems so odd and scaring. The old man sees and walks to me say,”Hey, here is nowhere!” I’m like, “Excuse me, did you follow me here and tell me don’t know here?” The old lady says:”Of course not, I know here is nowhere?” I’m so angry and begin to walk back to the dorm. The nice view doesn’t give me a good mood. The old couple stops me and give me a paper, and the old man says:” Open it once you get back to your home.” I take the paper with me and run back to my dorm. I can’t believe all these weird things happen today. First, it’s not suppose to snow in summer; second, the weather comes back to summer right after I leave the store; third, it only takes me 5 mins to the place; fourth, the old couple I talk to says to me they are going to nowhere, but they appear at the First Street of Garden. All these creepy things happen suddenly, I think I mustn’t have enough sleeping hours yesterday. I realize the paper that old couple gives me, I’m so afraid to open it. It takes me forever to open the paper, I wait for a long time. Once I open the paper, the words I see are “Happy April Fool’s Day WE TRICKED YOU!’’ I smiled and go to my bed.

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